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JobAdder is a leading cloud-based recruitment software solution that helps in-house and agency recruiters find and manage talent more effectively through automation. 

JobAdder’s flexible powerful technology works with existing recruitment processes and HR systems to offer a seamless experience. Recruiters get the tools they need to do great work, ultimately enabling them to focus on what matters most.

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About JobAdder

  • State of the hiring market
  • Ripple effect of candidate shortages
  • Recruiting trends to watch
  • The impact for employers
  • Performance objectives
  • Job growth/hiring opportunities
  • Shifting candidate interest



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We're unwrapping the 2021 recruitment industry report

When: 10 February, 2022

Time: 12 pm AEDT or 2 pm NZDT

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  • Recruitment agency managers
  • Recruitment agency recruiters
  • In house corporate recruiters
  • Talent acquisition professionals
  • Human Resources teams and managers

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When: 10 February 2022
Time:  12pm AEDT or 12pm NZDT
Cost:  No charge
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If you recruit staff then don't miss these key insights

The results are in and you don't want to miss the JobAdder 2021 Global Industry Report webinar. We will be unwrapping the results and revealing key market shifts and insights from anonymised data collected from the JobAdder platform.

From shifting candidate outreach strategies through to rising agency fees and job placement trends, there is a lot to cover. We will provide the insights you need to plan, forecast and hire with greater confidence in 2022.

Everyone who registers will receive a copy of the 2021 Global Industry Report  and a link to the webinar recording.