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JobAdder is a leading cloud-based recruitment software solution that helps in-house and agency recruiters find and manage talent more effectively through automation. 

JobAdder’s flexible powerful technology works with existing recruitment processes and HR systems to offer a seamless experience. Recruiters get the tools they need to do great work, ultimately enabling them to focus on what matters most.

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About JobAdder


A complete overview

The report is packed with insights that relate to how job growth is developing across various markets. It also takes a deep dive into a number of changes that are impacting employers across the globe.

We will uncover the latest industry insights spanning job growth, applications per job and days to place and analyse the impact to employers and recruitment agencies. The report will also explore how agency fees are shifting.

There are several key trends from talent pooling, proactive search and changing sourcing tactics. We will explore how these evolving tactics are impacting talent acquisition and the time to fill roles.

The latest data

Understanding key trends

Download the Annual JobAdder Global Industry Report to get the data and insights you need to make informed hiring decisions in 2022. The report explores evolving sourcing trends, the impact of COVID-19 on applicants and much more

The expert commentary from thought leaders Greg Savage and Hung Lee explores the emerging recruitment tactics that are impacting candidate shortages. The report exposes the trends that will impact hiring in 2022.

What's inside?

2021 Global Recruitment Industry Report 

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