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The global trends you need to embrace in 2022.


27 April, 2022

12:00 - 1:00 AEST

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Savvy recruiters globally are adopting new strategies to overcome talent shortages and the great resignation. 

Many of these new strategies are emerging as recruitment trends and they are impacting the recruitment sector. What are these trends and which ones should you be adopting to ensure you can compete for top talent in 2022 and beyond?

We have invited international recruitment experts Hung Lee and Bas van de Haterd to discuss the global recruitment trends that are impacting talent acquisition today. 

Hung and Bas are in Australia for a limited time, this is the only opportunity to see them LIVE in Brisbane or Sydney. We have allocated plenty of time for you to ask them questions.

Local recruitment thought leader Greg Savage is also joining our impressive panel of speakers. Greg will be discussing the trends that Recruitment Agencies need to be embracing now.

Uncover the global recruitment trends you need to know...

Thought provoking

Don't miss the amazing insights from these recruitment experts. From assessments through to diversity and eliminating resumes content is thought provoking.

Agency teams

Agency recruiters will want to hear Greg's advice on what you need to be doing to take advantage of the current market.

A great opportunity to hear from Hung and Bas who are visiting Australia for a very limited time. Ask them your questions during the live Q&A.

Global experts

In house teams

In house talent acquisition teams will love the insights from Hung and Bas.

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April 27th at 12:00 pm AEST.

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Don't miss this impressive panel of international speakers

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5 Major Trends

5 Major Trends and their impact 

In an era of dynamic change, it is essential for business leaders to better understand the fundamental forces that are shaping the behaviour of people, organisations and cultures. In this discussion, Hung Lee will identify 5 major trends, the impact they are having on human behaviour and the risks and opportunity to the present to employers and recruiters. We'll be talking about: 

  • Zooming out, in order to Zoom back in
  • Erosion of the barrier between the market vs company
  • Changing nature of the relationship we have to work.

Trend watch: Assessments, Screening & talent pooling 

In this presentation Bas van de Haterd will showcase many examples of how modern digital assessment technology creates a fair and equitable hiring process. In the current labor market with many staff shortages it allows organizations to hire from untapped talent pools without lowering their quality of hire. Used correctly you can increase both quality of hire and diversity. He'll also share how you can tap into your internal talent pool in a smarter way.  

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Trend Watch

Bas van de Haterd

Powering growth in 2022 and beyond

The recruitment market has rebounded strongly, and all agencies report increased demand. However, not everyone will ‘rise equally on the tide’. 

Many recruiters faced with changing client expectations and very different candidate behaviour, are approaching things much as they have done before. This is a missed opportunity for sure. But it is more dangerous than that. It could be the genesis of your demise when the market shifts, as it most inevitably will. This session focuses on what recruiters and recruitment leaders should change now to take advantage of the current market, and to prepare careers and businesses for long term success and productivity.

Powering growth

Greg Savage

Why Attend?

Speaker Bios

Hung Lee

Hung Lee is the Editor of leading industry newsletter Recruiting Brainfood

He is an industry professional with over 15 years experience as an agency recruiter, Recruitment manager, Internal Head of Talent, recruitment trainer, founder of award winning online recruiting platform, and now Editor and Community builder at Recruiting Brainfood – the best weekly newsletter in recruitment.

Hung lives and works in London.

Greg Savage

With a career spanning four decades, Greg is a founder of 4 highly successful businesses, is a trusted advisor and respected voice across the global recruitment and professional services industries, and a regular keynote speaker at conferences around the world.

After graduating with Honours in Psychology, Greg started his career in Executive Search in Australia, before he went on to manage the London office of the United Kingdom’s largest accounting recruiter. In the early 1980s he returned to Australia to run the Sydney office of Accountancy Placements (now the Hays Group.

Bas van de Haterd

Bas van de Haterd helps companies recruit smarter by using the right technology. He has been a consultant for many large organizations including several Dutch ministeries, local governments, Dutch post, Dutch rail, University of Twente and many others. 

As a speaker Bas is known for speaking in his own passionate style about the changing labour market and the way Recruitment and HR should use technology to adapt to these changes. He is mainly focussing on using technology to select better quality candidates while creating a more fair and equitable hiring process.  Outside of his home country of the Netherlands he has been a keynote speaker in India, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Dubai and England.

We have assembled an impressive panel of recruitment experts to share their insights with you during this free event.

Hung Lee

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