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JobAdder is a leading cloud-based recruitment software solution that helps in-house and agency recruiters find and manage talent more effectively through automation. 

JobAdder’s flexible powerful technology works with existing recruitment processes and HR systems to offer a seamless experience. Recruiters get the tools they need to do great work, ultimately enabling them to focus on what matters most.

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Bad hires can be costly  and background screening provides employers with another layer of assurance. The good news is that technology is automating this previously manual task.

While there are specialist video interview tools available that offer a ton of great features, there are also more general tools available that can provide a cost-effective alternative.

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Technology has transformed the way recruiters work, it offers so many options to streamline processes, drive better candidate sourcing and work more efficiently.

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The first place to start is with your recruitment system. Are you effectively leveraging your recruitment database to find talent? 

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